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Introducing Supergrain Journeys: customer journey orchestration for data-driven marketers

The first customer journey orchestration product that makes all customer data instantly accessible for lifecycle marketers.

In 2022, it’s the companies that successfully unlock the potential of their customer data that deliver superior customer engagement. But it’s often painful for marketers to get the data needed to power their campaigns and deliver the personalized experiences customers expect.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch Supergrain’s latest product, Journeys. It’s the first customer journey orchestration product that delivers ALL of your customers’ touchpoints to your fingertips, with no CSVs, SQL, or engineering/data teams required. To all the marketers out there: let us take care of the data, so you can focus on creating amazing customer journeys.

Build the customer journeys of your dreams, with all the data you've ever wanted.

Not just another campaign orchestration tool

Unlike orchestration features in traditional CDPs, ESPs, and MAPs, Supergrain Journeys is the first customer journey orchestration product that plugs directly into your data warehouse, giving you instant access to all your customer touchpoints.

We’re talking behavioral events, billing data, customer support tickets, message engagements, propensity scores, revenue metrics, and account hierarchies. And those elusive user attributes you submitted a ticket for a month ago, but never heard back about. (You can cancel that ticket by the way.)

Use Supergrain’s journey builder to trigger automations against more targeted segments, with more personalized messages. Improve the quality of your onboarding flows and re-engagement tactics. Experiment and test ideas 3x faster. Run new campaigns that just weren’t possible before.

Uplevel your customer engagement

When it comes to customer engagement, we believe marketers should only be limited by their own creativity, not the data resources they have access to. In reality, so many campaigns never come to life – until now. With Supergrain Journeys, we’ve made it easy to run sophisticated, customer-centric campaigns without worrying about getting the data inputs. 

Contact us to see a demo and get access to our beta. This is just the beginning, and we’d love to hear your feedback!