Drive more business impact with source of truth data

Turn your data warehouse into a customer data platform. Stop maintaining data pipelines and enable your marketing team to self-serve.

Eliminate customer data silos

Turn your data warehouse into a customer data platform. Create a single pane of glass for customers. Stop replicating your data for different teams.

Empower marketers to self-serve

Give your marketing team autonomy to deliver sophisticated engagement. Minimize marketing’s day-to-day dependency on data teams.

Save weeks of data engineering

Stop battling brittle data pipelines and 3rd party data APIs to move customer data. Query customer data in your warehouse directly and liberate engineering to work on its core challenges.

Secure your customer data

Keep your customer data safe on your own cloud infrastructure. Supergrain doesn't copy your data, so you can govern access to sensitive information, stay compliant with data regulations, and reduce the risk of breaches.

Built natively for your data warehouse

Supergrain integrates seamlessly with your data warehouse and the modern data stack. Just enter your credentials and get started in minutes.

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