Build hyper-personalized campaigns faster

Create customer segments and orchestrate data-driven campaigns across every channel. Drive business outcomes in record time, no engineering favors needed.

Automate your customer journey

Orchestrate sophisticated based on all your customer touch-points to engage your customers across every channel. Use our beautiful visual builder to launch new user onboarding, re-engagement, and win-back campaigns.

Comprehensive customer profiles

Customer profiles are only as useful as the quality of the data. Supergrain connects to your source of truth data warehouse, so you can build an accurate customer 360 view that your team trusts to understand the customer journey.

Fast and painless setup

Traditional customer engagement platforms require months to integrate due to complex data migrations. With Supergrain, setup is a breeze. Just connect your data warehouse and run your first campaign in hours, not months.

Advanced customer segmentation

Build sophisticated customer segments across all your data sources. Manage segment definitions centrally without SQL queries. Filter across complex account hierarchies, product catalogs, and other business entities with ease.

Measure the metrics that matter

Go beyond vanity metrics like opens and clicks. Analyze, optimize, and report on your campaigns using the source-of-truth metrics that only live in your data warehouse, to drive real business outcomes.

Be data-driven without your data team

Say goodbye to CSV uploads and submitting tickets for your data and engineering teams. Get the trustworthy data you want, when you want it. Drive business outcomes with confidence.

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